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Person Directed Supports is expanding

Person Directed Supports is branching out and opening a Home Health Agency.

Support to You Home Health Agency will be offering Home Health nursing and Social Work services.

Social Work or Skilled Nursing for:

Foley Catheter change

Insulin injections (Diabetics)

Change Surgery Dressings

Other Skilled Nursing

Our Mission

Our mission of Support to You is to provide quality home health care to those in need of our services. Support to You will ensure the people we support are receiving proper and thorough home health care which meets their wellness initiatives and goals, empowering them to continue living life to its fullest.

Let us help you with your Home Health Nursing or Social Work today.

Support to You

Home Health Agency

1541 Alta Drive Suite 202

Whitehall, PA 18052

Phone: (610) 841-3443

Fax: (610) 391-9405  

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Person Directed Supports Inc. is a 501c(4)

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