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Community Living

Community Homes (CLA)

What are Community Homes?

Community homes are first and foremost a person’s home. The Support System known as community homes is based on each person’s needs and wants as we create a customized person directed care plan for each individual. This may include:

·       Activities of daily living

·       Building daily household management skills

·       Assistance in building positive interactions and relationships

·       Building of money management skills

·       Promotion of practices that promote health and wellness

·       Building of meal planning and cooking skills

·       Promotion of and education of each person’s rights and citizenship

·       Building of a community life

·       Promotion to build hobbies and interests

·       Ensure of person’s comfort

·       Ensure of person’s safety

·       Helping the person to build and maintain relationships with family and friends

·       Support life-long learning


While living in Community Homes, individuals receive support to realize their personal potential while directly pursuing independent, productive, and rewarding lives. Our person directed care in the Lehigh Valley area designs programs that specifically cater to each persons need and wants.


Shared Living / LifeSharing Program

What is Life Sharing?

A LifeSharing home is first and foremost a person’s home. Individuals live in a home with a host person, family or friend. Based on each individual’s Person-Centered plan, they are then moved into a loving and caring home.

Services and supports are provided for that person depending on their specific needs. Lifesharing encourages the individual to interact in the community while increasing meaningful relationships with others. Share unforgettable moments with that special person and learn from each other. This helps people grow and develop to their fullest potential. Host families consult with physicians, family members, and the support team about the individual including progress and ongoing development.

Supportive Living Services Facilities

This person directed care service provides support to individuals who live in their own homes in the Lehigh Valley area. These supporters are there to assist with budgeting, transportation to medical services and provide supervision.

Behavioral Supports

Behavioral Supports Program

What do Behavioral Supports Programs do?

People with intellectual disabilities may have behavioral health needs and through behavioral supports they receive the treatment and supports needed throughout their lifespans. When individuals, families, and providers plan and modify supports as people’s needs change to meet these challenges, people are more able to live an everyday life. Opportunities for a full community life are dependent on adequate supports and the commitment to build capacity within the larger human service delivery system. This is done through an especially valuable practice to build skill in people, and those that support them to enable them to live a fulfilling life.

Supportive Living

Community Supports Program

Our Community Supports Program provides community supports to individuals whom live in their own home in the Lehigh Valley area. These supporters are there to assist with budgeting, transportation to medical services and provide supervision.

Housing Transition and Tenancy Sustaining Services

Housing transition and Tenancy Sustaining services are provided to a person looking to move into their own home. It provides an assessment of needs to help the individual prepare for living on their own and sustaining their home.

Companion Services

Companion services are services provided to participants who live in private homes for the limited purposes of providing supervision or assistance that is designed to ensure the participant’s health, safety, and welfare or to perform activities of daily living for the participant.

In-home and Community Supports

In-Home and Community Support is a direct service provided in home and community settings to assist the person in acquiring, maintaining and improving the skills necessary to live in the community, to live more independently, and to participate meaningfully in community life. Each individual has their own individual person directed care to provide the exact support they need.

Community Participation Services

Community Participation Support provides opportunities and support for community inclusion and building interest in and developing skills and potential for competitive integrated employment. Services and supports focus on building a community life that is active. Inactive, valued participation in a broad range of integrated activities that build on the participant's interests, preferences, gifts, and strengths while reflecting his or her desired outcomes related to employment, community involvement and membership.

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